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Online TOEIC Preparation Course by Qualified English Language Teachers, Authorized TOEIC Test Administrators and an Official TOEIC Test Center.

TOEIC Preparation Course by OnlineEnglish.EU

Online TOEIC Test Preparation Course for the Listening & Reading, Speaking & Writing, and 4 Skills Tests.


TOEIC Test preparation. Exercises, tips, advice, simulator, English grammar, vocabulary to help you prepare for the TOEIC.

Student Comments : Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 7:02 am


I was completely surprized! Your course is far better than I had expected. I would like to recommend your course to all students. I scored 905 points in the TOEIC L&R test. Thanks!


I did your TOEIC speaking and writing preparation course. It was perfect to help me prepare. The advice you give helped me a lot and your exercises showed me exactly what best to do.


I would like to thank you for the assistance provided with the excellent content and delivery method of your site. Most valuable were the tips that helped me to develop a winning strategy. I got 985, without you, It would be very difficult to get more than 900.


Your course really helps for my study and I really like it.. Thanks a lot..:)


Thank you for your training. The course has so much information and the concept really works. I got 920 points in the TOEIC last month.
Thank you. Aliisa.


My money was well spent. I scored 825 points in the TOEIC test.


I searched for a preparation course that would teach me as well as let me practice the TOEIC test. Your preparation course is the best I found. I scored 965 points 435 listening and 430 reading. I am very, very happy. Thank you.
Raul P.


Just for let you know that I've got 800 pts. Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards


Your course was fun and funny. It made me laugh and this kept me motivated. I used your platform in between watching the EM 2016. I won 890 points in the TOEIC test. Cheers!


Very good preparation course for the TOEIC, good value for money. I scored 925 points. Your course worked well for me.


Dear OnlineEnglish Team,

My name is Mario Bornhuse and I took the online preparation course several weeks ago. I passed the test with a total score of 945, in the listening section 495 and in the reading section 450 points.

Thank you very much for the preparation!

Kind regards,


Your course is very useful for students doing the TOEIC test. I scored 890 points after doing your course. The extra English exercises are very helpful. I will recommend you.


I did your TOEIC preparation course and I got 795 points in the test. Now I want to score higher and will join you again. Thank you.

Hi Rob:

Last week I took the TOIEC Test in the ETS Centre, my score was the following: listening 455 points, reading 370, total score 835 points. For sure that score is acceptable for my work objectives, I would like to keep my practice to improve my score to 900 point at least.

Kind regards,
Jose Antonio


Hello everybody!

I just wanted to share some good news. After one month of training on your website, I scored 965 at my TOEIC test sitting! This is amazing! Thank you very much to my coach and to the whole team! Keep on the good job on the website!

Best regards,


Thank you for reminding me. I got 945 points in the toeic test. I admit that without your training I would have never got such a high score. There is so much to do, I could practice regularly and with two courses, I never got bored. I think most good students can get the score they need after doing your course. Thank you very much!


Wonderful training, wonder support and I got 895 points after doing your course. Your feedback when I made a mistakes was fun and made my training enjoyable and the training coach was perfect to show me how and what to learn. I have tried many TOEIC preparation courses and yours is simply the best!


Thank you for a great course. Your course gave me all the practice I needed. I scored 905 in the TOEIC listening and reading Test. I am planning to also do the TOEIC speaking and writing test later this year. Therefore, I will definitely register with you again.


I am sorry that I did not write sooner. I scored 895 points in the TOEIC test. Your course is the best I have found and it was very easy to use.


Hi Team, I took TOEIC Listening and Reading Exam on May 1st. I got 695 points within 12 days of preparation. My first score was around 380 points. I am pretty sure that with more time my score would be better. I even plan to come back later to retake the test and expect to get the top score (990). Thank you for your help, Regards, Epiphane B.


Hi OnlineEnglish. Your TOEIC preparation course is the best! I scored 775 points and feel more confident when I speak English. Thank you!


I have to say thank you for the great preparation program. On 16 January was my TOEIC-Test and I reached 775 points. Enough for the ph.D program (I needed 750 points). I will recommend you and your learning program! Thank you so much for the support.
Vivien W.


The OnlineEnglish course is the best TOEIC preparation course I have found. After doing the course for 3 months I scored 905 points. I had already done the TOEIC test, therefore the English exercises helped me the most. The exercises are fun to do and sometimes funny and this made me laugh and enjoy the course more.


Super course! My fresh news is that I had 885 TOEIC points and intend to celebrate a lot tonight!


I scored 935 points in my test and it was all because of your excellent training course. Your course has given me the motivation I need to continue learning English, which I will do in my new job.
Jean Paul


Your course is well structured and the training coach method helped me immediately see what I should learn. I scored 835 points in the TOEIC test, which I think is really good! My target score was 700 points.


I am studying business administration and needed 850 points. I received 920 points in the TOEIC test last week. My last TOEIC score was 695 points. Your TOEIC preparation course gave me a lot of very useful information and practice. The English exercises are excellent and helped me improve a lot!


Hi onlineenglish, Your TOEIC course has really awesome content! I liked to study with your course because it showed me what to do. I tried using a book and it was good, but your course gives a student more helpful information. I got 895 points in the test.


Hi OnlineEnglish,
The content of your TOEIC course is very comprehensive. I think it is also easy to use. My TOEIC score is 765 Points.


I got your email about my membership. Yes I did do the TOEIC test and I was successful. After doing your TOEIC preparation course I got 735 Points.Sorry I did not write sooner!
Susanne K.


Dear OnlineEnglish.EU team,

I've just got my TOEIC result and I'm really shocked! I scored 965 points (L:495, R:470), which is far beyond my expectation. My target score was around 900 points.

Your training is very useful, I will recommend it to anyone who is considering sitting TOEIC exam. I found your website and training only 5 days before my test. Maybe, If I had found you earlier , I would have been able to achieve the maximum score. But I'm not greedy, this score is more than enough for me.

Thank you and keep up the good work!
Agnes from Hungary


I have the pleasure to give you a feed-back regarding your TOEIC preparation e-learning course.

First at all, I would like to inform you that I am globally very pleased with this course because my target score has been reached with the real ETS Global TOEIC Test! I reached the 850 level with the following decomposition : 435 reading/415 writing.

I think that the level of the exercises of your course was representative. The grammar parts and training exercises were worthwhile. I am pleased with this preparation because it is a good preparation for the real test.
C. Coussediere


Super! I got 805 points in the TOEIC test.
A. Bourgeois


I would like to inform you that I passed my TOEIC test with 735 points!
Adrienne P.


I did not think I would do it, but I got 690 points! I am very grateful for your training.
Lars Winkler


Very good training. I scored 755 in the TOEIC and my target score was 650.
Michel Chaudinet


I scored 885 points in the TOEIC and I would be happy to recommend your website.


I did the TOEIC test at the beginning of the month and scored 930 points. Thanks to your course and help, I will start my new job in January 2014.
Marcus Sch.


Hi, I got 855 points in the TOEIC test. I will recommend your course. Thank you very much!
Florian Wilhelm.


Hello OnlineEnglish. The TOEIC test was very difficult for me but your TOEIC preparation course helped me. I got 780 points in the TOEIC test.
Hakima Kaplan


TOEIC exercises excellent! TOEIC Test simulator excellent! Tips and Advice very helpful! Methods of training excellent! I cannot say much more. My test result was 895 points and my target score 850 points. I would also like to say that your trainer helped me competently with every question I gave him.
Elisa P.


Your online TOEIC preparation course is very comprehensive and allowed me to get 975 points in the TOEIC test. I aimed for the full 990 points, but I am still very happy. My score is much better than the 695 points I scored in my last test. The tips you give were perfect and the English exercises helped me improve my grammar.
Andre Bordiaux


I would like to inform that I have obtained 725 points in my Toeic exam. I am very happy about my score. I am very grateful for your web course tips and exercises. I think that I have achieved my goal through my effort and your trainning course. Best regards,
Danae Aguilar


I did your TOEIC reading and listening preparation course, but I used the speaking and writing preparation course as well so I could get extra practice. I had 875 points!
Christelle Hoareau


Your listening and reading course helped me in the past to get 985 points in the TOEIC listening and reading test. So I used your speaking and writing preparation course for the TOEIC speaking and writing test. I can only say what great courses you have. I scored 200 for speaking and 190 for writing. Your courses are full of great tips and practice for students.
Anna Ramirez


Very well presented course and easy to use. 935 Points! Thanks
Stefan K.


I found your course very useful. The tips were very good and helped me a lot. I prepared for the TOEIC listening and reading test and did the English exercises as well. My score is 955 points. I am waiting for my score for the TOEIC speaking and writing test.
Marcelle Laurent


Good course! Good exercises and very helpful tips. Lots of vocab, lots of practice and the training coach told me exactly what to do. I scored 905 points in the TOEIC.


I wanted 800 points for uni and got 825 points. Your estimate was 795 Points, but I guess that is pretty close. A great TOEIC course!
Simone Chaudinet


I write to let you know that I scored 695 Points in the TOEIC. It is 90 points more than my target score of 600 so I am happy with your course.
M. Andres


Dear Teacher. I had 755 points in the test. I will recommend your course. Thank you.
Fabien Fournier


I finally got over 800 points to be exact 910 points! I am very impressed because it was so easy to understand what I must do. I needed help one or two times and sent an email to my teacher expecting to hear nothing, but I was wrong. He helped me very quickly. You told me that onlineenglish is not just a dead TOEIC preparation course written by programmers and I believe you now!
Mathieu Rocca

I got 835 Points in the TOEIC test.
Your TOEIC preparation tips helped me a lot and the exercises were easy to do. The training coach was fantastic!
Steffi Mahler


A very good TOEIC preparation course! There was so much to do and now I feel much more confident when I use English. I did the TOEIC listening and reading test and scored 925 Points. Now I want to do the TOEIC speaking and writing test and have already registered again for your preparation course.
Adèle Dupont


The extra English exercises were very helpful. Your test simulator is perfect to get a feel for the TOEIC test. The exercises and tips you give really helped me and my trainer was very knowledgeable and friendly.
My TOEIC score is 935 points. I did the test at the end of March.

Adelle Laurent.


We are a group of 5 students and we are all VERY HAPPY!
We signed up for Onlineenglish TOEIC preparation course in February and did the TOEIC in April.
We all want to tell you many thanks for your preparation course. We all got more than 700 points. I scored the highest. I got 795 points.
We like your website a lot because it is very easy and showed us what we had to do.


Just the right preparation Programm to refresh grammar and vocab as well as get to know the TOEIC test.
I scored 910 points.
Thanks for the good preparation.
Susanne Borgwald.


Hello OnlineEnglish Preparation Team,
I just received my TOEIC score report and got 985 points. This is much higher than I expected!
I will now order a certificate, because I think that after scoring so well it is much better than a score card.
Rob and the rest of your team thanks for a great TOEIC preparation course!
Fabienne Bourgeois.


For your information, have successfully completed my TOEIC objective and got a score of 910 points.
Claire Ingremeau.


I am pleased to tell you that I had 880 points.
I did the TOEIC listening and reading test.
I wish you luck in the future and will recommend OnlineEnglish.
Samuel Grazioli.


Hello OnlineEnglish,
I did it! I got 795 points in the TOEIC test and it is far better than my last score. I want to tell students that it is true what you say on your website.
The training coach really did guide me and all the advice and preparation exercises are just what I needed.
This is why I passed!
Masashi Hashino.


Dear onlineEnglish Toeic Team,
I wish you a happy new Year!
Thank you so much for the online TOEIC preparation course. It was really helpful.
My TOEIC Score is 950
Agus Verdian.


Your TOEIC preparation course is really good and easy to use.
I used the training coach at the start and then used the self study part.
The English exercises taught me a lot and I think they fit perfectly with the TOEIC training.
I can't say much more because I scored 805 points and I think this says it all!
Kim Lizer.


I am very happy and am going to celebrate tonight!
I want to recommend your TOEIC preparation course to everyone because it is fantastic!
My teacher was friendly and very helpful. In my test I got 860 points.
Christoph Trexler.


I think your course is very good and it helped me get 705 points in my test sitting.
Susanne Kremhoeller.


The preparation course was very helpful for me to improve and increase my TOEIC score.
The extra English exercises were perfect to support my training. The simulation test really helped me practice.
I received 780 points in the TOEIC test
Sven Bautz.


I needed 750 points for university.
Another student told me about OnlineEnglish, so I did your course for 1 month.
I did the TOEIC test 10. May 2012 and I got 895 points.
Alessandro Fattori.


My Target score was 600 points and in the TOEIC test my result is 710 Points!
Oliver Zanis.


Thank you OnlineEnglish.
I am pleased to say that I got 690 in my TOEIC test. I needed 650 for my university.
Jens Liebeck.


I want to tell students sitting the TOEIC test that this is the best preparation website I have found.
It is very easy to use and the English lessons helped me a lot! I did the course for 6 months.
I scored 985 points. My last TOEIC test was only 685 points.

We do not always get permission to show names


Dear OnlineEnglish Team,
I reached 960 points in my TOEIC test.
Kind regards,


Your TOEIC preparation course is fun to use and has everything a student needs to improve their English and score high in the TOEIC test.
I received my score report and had 985 points.
I hope you will put my recommendation on your homepage.
Simone Meregalli.


Hi OnlineEnglish,
I got 725 points.
Thanks for your help.

We do not always get permission to show names


I just had my TOEIC score and got 910 points.
I am very happy.
Jens Sever.


I did your training course for 1 month before doing the TOEIC test for the first time.
I needed 750 points for Uni and got 905 points in my test!

We do not always get permission to show names


Your training course really works.
I scored 905 in the TOEIC test. This was much better than my last tests.
Your tips and advice area was very useful.
Fabien Cornillet.


Your resource is very useful for students sitting the TOEIC test.
I got 785 in my test sitting and am very happy.
For me the best part of your course was the extra English exercises and the tips, which helped me very much.
Overall I found your course good value for money.
Yasuo Kishimoto.


I scored 920 points in the TOEIC test thanks to your training and superb website.
Your exercises are very good and the estimates helped me focus my training.
Your simulated test let me feel what a real TOEIC test is like.
Christophe Berruet.


I scored 980 points in the TOEIC test, which was much more than I ever expected.
I could understand the people speaking and read the exercises in the TOEIC test without a problem.
I recommend your training to all students looking for a good way to prepare well for the TOEIC test.
Mathieu Colnel.


I achieved 920 points in the TOEIC test and it is all due to your expert training.
All the students in the school are really interested in using your website as we have to have the TOEIC for our business administration studies (MBA).
Elisa Guillaume.


My Daughter scored 780 in the TOEIC test after using your website. She is very pleased.
The extra English lessons helped her very much.
Thank you.
Andrea Schroeder.



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Exercises for every Listening and Reading Question Type.


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* Intensive reading exerciser.

* Implication exerciser.


Listening Comprehension Video Library.


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* Automatic checking of written exercises.

* Test and learning mode for the best TOEIC preparation training.


TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test Simulations.


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* Sample answers, explanations and information.

* Tips to avoid common mistakes made by test-takers.

* Tips to plan your strategy and time.






English Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises to support your preparation training.


* English grammar and vocabulary exercises.

* With help and explanations.

* Exercises for vocabulary used in the TOEIC test.

* Business English phrase and jargon exercises.

* Word pair, synonym and phrasal verb exercises.

* Idiom and idiomatic phrase exercises.

* Vocabulary Hangman games for more enjoyment.

* Check your answers and see your mistakes.


Advice about Preparing for the TOEIC test by Email.


* Qualified, friendly teacher support by email.

* TOEIC administrator support by email.

* Discuss your problems about learning English.

* Ask questions about the TOEIC Test.

* Communication by email for extra English practice.


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