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Visit our TOEIC Test Center. Complete TOEIC Test Preparation Online Preparation course for students sitting the TOEIC® Test L&R.





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The OnlineEnglish preparation course for the TOEIC test is operated by qualified English language teachers and authorized TOEIC test administrators.

TOEIC Test, Preparation Course by OnlineEnglish


The views, comments and information including; names of persons, companies and organisations within OnlineEnglish texts and audio execises are solely for the purpose of training and have been created on a ficticious basis. Any actual likeness to real entities is not intended and will be changed upon your email to us. The views and opinions within any texts or audio files used within OnlineEnglish exercises are also created specifically for the purpose of training and should not be understood as a view or opinion of OnlineEnglish.


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We give no warranties or guarantees, other than that stated regarding TOEIC score improvement, in respect to this website or its use. Use of this website or other uses connected with or arising from the use of this website remains at the total risk of the user or entity involved and in no way shall Hamburg-English become liable in any way or form whatsoever, Your use of this website is your confirmation of your acceptance of this liability clause. Estimation of skills by this website is to the best of our ability and skill and has past proven over 99% successful however, every person is different and it is impossible to predict all test situations and or content and therefore we offer no warranty or guarantee should our estimations prove incorrect. All third party links and tools on this website remain the responsibility of and within the terms and conditions of the respective third party.


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We reserve the right to cancel any membership where it is suspected that bad practices, fraud, copying or other detrimental activities are being carried out.


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When you request other services, we will provide your personal data to third-party companies with whom we arrange for those services to be provided for instance PayPal. We may also disclose personal information collected on the website, in accordance with applicable law, to assert or defend our rights and property, to prevent harm to others, to collect a debt, or in response to legal processes such as subpoenas.



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Cancelation of membership and refunds.

There is no need to cancel a membership. All memberships are cancelled at the end of the purchased time period. Our website does not offer unwanted subscriptions. Under European law you have 14 days to cancel your membership and request a refund; subject to you having not used the training material in the membership area. Refunds otherwise are totally at the discretion of hamburg-English. If you have used the training material in the membership area however, feel that you have an exceptional reason to cancel your membership and ask for a refund, you should send an email to Any charges or costs relating to PayPal or the use of the PayPal system upon payment or cancellation in cases of refund or dispute are not our liability as we have no control over this item. All questions regarding PayPal charges, Credit card billing ...etc should be sent direct to PayPal.


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In cases where you reverse a credit card or other payment through our payment facility at PayPal, we will investigate whether your membership has been used. If necessary, we will then contact you directly for information regarding your chargeback decision. Upon our investigation of your submitted information and in cases where we feel you have acted unfairly, fraudulently or if we feel that such a purchase could again be possible, we may decide to supply your information and details to our partners worldwide to protect such organizations from possible reoccurrence. Should such further action be taken, you will be advised beforehand to allow you a second opportunity to avoid such action. If your information is accepted as true and justifiable, no further actions will be taken.  


Legal Base.

The agreement between us will be under European law. Any disputes will be in Hamburg, Germany.


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