Test Simulator for the TOEIC Test

Welcome to our Training Simulation of the TOEIC Test.

What is a Test Simulator?

In many industries, "test simulators" are used to allow people to get accustomed. In this way a person can improve their "performance", which will lead to a better job being done, a better understanding of a situation, a quicker solution to a problem ...etc.


Our test simulator for the TOEIC test includes 5 simulations of a TOEIC test. The simulations will allow you to get accustomed to the TOEIC Test and improve your performance. An improvement in performance can mean you achieve a higher TOEIC score.


* become accustomed to the flow of the TOEIC test,

* become accustomed to the different question types,

* plan how long  to spend answering the different question types,

* see in which question areas you make mistakes.

* review your incorrect answers, read question tips, read audio transcripts, learn with the dictionary **

* see your performance as a percentage of correctly answered questions.

* practice makes perfect!


You may pause and continue each test, to allow you to refer to a book or other learning material during a simulation.


WARNING! If your English level is not good enough, using a test simulator might not help you get the TOEIC score you need. If you are unsure, ask about our Online TOEIC Test Preparation Course.


** Photograph questions have tips, short conversation and talk questions have transcripts, the dictionary function is available when reviewing reading question types.

Dictionary by permision; thefreedictionary.com



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