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TOEIC Listening and Reading + TOEIC Speaking and Writing

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TOEIC Test preparation. Exercises, tips, advice, simulator, English grammar, vocabulary to help you prepare for the TOEIC.

Always know your levels and what to learn.

  • See an estimate of your TOEIC score level and your improvement.

  • See your skill strengths and weaknesses.

  • See your progress to motivate you.

  • Know when you are ready to do the TOEIC Test.

  • Our Interactive Training Coach will guide your TOEIC preparation training.

  • Or guide your training yourself in our Self-Study area.

Preparation exercises for every TOEIC question type.

  • 1500 question exercises in the same format as in the TOEIC test.

  • Focus on the TOEIC question types you find the most difficult.

  • Review your answers, see your mistakes and learn how to improve.

Simulations of the TOEIC test for complete preparation.

  • Test simulation; 45 minutes listening, 75 minutes reading.

  • Thousands of different simulated TOEIC listening and reading tests.

  • Give you a good feeling for sitting the real TOEIC test.

  • With on-screen test book and answer sheet.

  • Review your answers and where you made mistakes.

Tips and advice to improve performance in the TOEIC test.

  • Advice to explain the TOEIC question methods and what could confuse you.

  • Tips on how to answer the TOEIC questions more quickly and easily.

  • Tips and information to plan your strategy and time for improved performance.

English grammar and vocabulary exercises.

  • Over 3500 English grammar, vocabulary and practice exercises.

  • Exercises for the common vocabulary used in the TOEIC test.

  • Business English phrase and jargon exercises.

  • English word pair, synonym and phrasal verb exercises.

  • English idiom and idiomatic phrase exercises.

  • Grammar, tense and sentence explanations by a qualified teacher.

  • Core skill: implication practice exercises.

  • Core skill: unlimited missing word exercise generator.

  • Core skill: intensive reading practice exercises.

  • Read the explanations, review your answers, see your mistakes and learn.

Including; TOEIC Speaking & Writing Preparation Course.

  • Our preparation course for the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test.

  • Speaking and writing exercises for every TOEIC question type.

  • Automatic checking of spelling, basic mistakes and content relevance.

  • Test simulations of the TOEIC speaking and writing test.

  • Thousands of different simulated TOEIC speaking and writing tests.

  • Simulator test code allows teachers, friends or relatives to check your answers.

  • Simulator test code [hover to learn more]
  • Tips and advice about answering the different TOEIC question types.

  • Sample question answers, explanations and much, much more..

  • No special software needed only a microphone.



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